DarkScandal Pack 7 is out now !

On this site we offer a lot of real blackmail, real rape, real forced and a lot more rare videos of girls.

Update December 20, 2017 | Note our official sitelink is now in the darkweb:
You can still acces our site on the normal internet using this links:
https://darkscandals.com/ or

You can check if you got the official Darkscandals site on the Hidden Wiki:
The Hidden Wiki
(Erotica - Noncommercial (E) section)

- Email update June 8, 2018 |Emal problem (@darkscandals) fixed
We had a mall problem with the encryption module (24 hours) so we replied everyone a bit later then expected

- Payment update November 22, 2017 | From now on we also accept Ether (Ethereum ETH) as payment. Bitcoin payment details are still accepted. Go to the donate page for more information.
bitcoin       etherium

- Site, email and security Update October 2, 2017 | Note since this date you can use our old clearweb address darkscandals.com domain again for information. This means you can still access our site in the darkweb using the darkweb link darksdsp6iexyidx.onion or use the clearweb link darksdsp6iexyidx.onion.link (web2Tor) We also changed our email from bitmesage to the darkscandals emailserver because of the security and anonymity. All our servers are double secured with the unbreakable AES 128 bit and RSA with 2048 bit bits encryption for optimal protection. We never log any emails or information about our visitors. All emails are shredded after been replied to, so if anyone asks, the best we can do is shrug our shoulders. And we like it that way.

- Fixed Email Update February 21, 2017 | Note since Sigaint stopped its email service we could not receive or send any mails between February 13 and February, 21, 2017. We hoped Sigaint would be back online, but it seems its not. We have to ask everyone who donated during that time to send there videolinks to our bitmessage email (if you donated bitcoins send a screenshot from inside wallet and bitcoin number). We now use our (old) bitmessage email (contact page) We are very sorry for this inconvenience and hope we could reach every person who visited our site during the the downtime of Sigaint. Our Bitmessage email works just fine.

Darkscandals Pack 7 is available since February 12, 2017.

* For people who receives the older 6 packs after February 8, 2017 by contributing to the site (sending a rare video or paying with bitcoin) will receive pack 7 for free.
* (Others who paid or did send a video before February 8, 2017, must make a contribution again to the site to receive pack 7)

Screenshots of some of the video's below:

darkscandals.com   |  http://darksdsp6iexyidx.onion  |  https://darksdsp6iexyidx.hiddenservice.net/ |   https://darksdsp6iexyidx.onion.link/